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Blue Peaks Industrial LLC leads the steel industry with a new steel management culture. We provide new and innovative ideas for delivering highly successful projects to every customer. BPI continues to uphold the foundation of steel erection; providing our customers with Safety, Relationships, Integrity, Innovation, and Quality in everything we do. We are not limited by market or scope.

We always deliver a high-quality installation because our skilled ironworkers and site supervisors are always familiar with our details and procedures. No other company takes more pride in their work, and in your projects.

Steel Erection

Custom Solutions

Steel Advantages

Blue Peaks has processes and experience in constructing, altering, or repairing many types of steel structures.

There is no job too large or too complex for our experienced teams to complete to satisfaction.

Due to its impressive load bearing capabilities and project flexibility, steel is the most common building material.

Structural Detailing

Rebar Specialist

Union Contractor

Every successful project starts with a complete plan. We have the experience to draft the most complex projects.

Our rebar specialists are ready to handle any concrete project to accompany our ironworkers and steel erecting.

We support and follow all union guidelines to provide the best environment for our workers.



Our quality control systems ensure we provide the best solutions and our best work for every project. Our processes ensure not only final project quality and specifications, but the reduction of wasted time, materials, and resources.

The safety of our workers is of the utmost importance to us. Our formal safety plans ensure a safe workplace for every worker on every job site. From the very first planning steps, safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Key Safety Initiatives

We keep our workers and project safe with key safety initiatives:

Quality Control System

Our quality control measures ensure we provide you with our best work. 

Formal Safety Plan

Our safety plan follows all key guidelines to ensure a safe workplace.

Written Erection Stability Policy and Plan

Our written policy and plan gives us the structure and reliability to continually produce great work. 

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